About WEBbeams

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Who we are

WEBbeams is a Wi-Fi service provider that focuses specifically on the needs of the Specialty Café Industry. We have been in the industry since 2001 and have become a benchmark for what we have defined as “Sustainable Wi-Fi”. Concentrating on the three main areas of security, reliability, and profitability.

Our products and services allow you to:

  • Offer dependable Wi-Fi solutions that you can brand
  • Offer time limited FREE Wi-Fi with a purchase
  • Print customer Wi-Fi codes from your reciept printer
  • Maintain PCI / CALEA compliance
  • Offer customers 24/7/365, toll-free support
  • Integrate your social media to increase customer engagement

Our mission

Our mission is to unite the nation’s specialty coffee and tea cafes on one Wi-Fi network. We make café owners lives easier by taking the headaches out of their technology solutions and give them piece of mind knowing that it’s done right. Our products balance the needs of the café with its customers. WEBbeams will continually bring new products and services to cafés that will strengthen the bond between them and their local communities.