WEBbeams Owner Support

owner technical support: 888-932-2326 ext. 1200

Q. How do my customers log in?

Customers connect to your Wi-Fi signal, open their browser, and are greeted with your store’s branded portal. They can login by entering their code from purchase. You can also give customers a free amount of “Click-n-Go” time per day without requiring a purchase.

Q. How do I reboot the WEBbeams Router?

To reboot, unplug the power supply for 20 seconds on your WEBbeams router AND YOUR ISP MODEM. Plug them both back in. Lights will flash as they initialize and reconnect. The WEBbeams Router will beep/chirp a series of times. It may take up to two minutes before service is restored. Please note that during the reboot process your POS systems and any other devices connected to the WEBbeams router will temporarily lose their internet connection.

Q. How do I get help printing WiFi codes to my POS receipt?

Select POS Partners’ systems will print WiFi codes to the receipt. We also have a web app that enables you to print from an iPad or any browser to a network receipt printer. If you need help with this, please email us at support@webbeams.com, or call 1.888.932.2326 ext. 1200.

Q. How do my customers with Apple devices get online?

Usually, just like any other device. However, sometimes various apple devices have trouble with public wifi hotspots. In this case the customer can enter www.loginwb.com in their address bar to get to the login screen. Of course our customer service people are always there to walk them through this process if need be. Your customers can call 888.932.2326 ext. 500 for the help they need.

If you are a hotspot user please click here.
If you need technical support and you don’t see your question listed please call 888-932-2326 ext. 1200.